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Managing Time

As teachers we must be conscious of the time all the time!  When we are teaching lessons, we need to be aware of the time to maximize learning.  We need to ensure we follow school timetables to help the school run efficiently.  At parent consultations we are mindful of timings to guarantee that we see all the scheduled parents. We worry about how much we have to do and whether we have time to do it all.

We strive to be efficient in our time management to make the most out of all learning opportunities.  We often unfortunately beat ourselves up if we are not efficient with our time management- blaming ourselves for not working productively or making the most of learning in lessons.  We know that unless our lessons are well paced then learning behaviours can decline. Making the most effective use of learning time takes preparation and planning- it doesn’t just magically happen. 

There are things that you can do to be kinder to yourself about your time management that can help you feel you are making the most of the learning opportunities and looking after yourself at the same time. 

It can help us to prioritize what we need to do by what would help us to feel better or by what will have the biggest impact on the pupils we teach.  We only have so much time within a week and it is OK for us to recognize that we can not do everything.  If we can be kind to ourselves we are likely to be more productive when we chose to focus on the tasks we have prioritized.

If you find yourself worrying it can help to just pause for a moment and decide what you can do right now that would have the most impact for your wellbeing or for the impact of learning in your class. When we start worrying our stress levels can rise and therefore, we work less efficiently.  If you continue to worry speak to someone in your school you trust to see if they can help you.  The attached video contains a mindfulness practice and tapping script that you can use whenever you are wanting to make the most of the time you have.  

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